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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Surprising thoughts from a union leader

EduWonk highlighted a recent statement from Morty Rosenfeld, head of a local teachers' union in New York, and a sitting member of the NEA's New York Board of Directors. Pulled from his essay:

If the United States is to preserve our system of free public schools, teacher
unions are going to have to stop accepting the status quo and making excuses for
the poor performance of our students. Most of us know that contrary to all the
talk about how we are raising our standards, in most of our schools they
continue to decline......We must face the fact that some of the right-wing
critique of public education, particularly their criticism of the ever inflating
costs of public education, resonates with the American people because it is
true, or at least truer than some of the blather put out by the people who run
the schools and the unions who represent the people who work in them.

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