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Monday, January 16, 2006

No parent left behind?

As I finish reading "Is there a public for public schools" (almost finished, btw - will complete my book report soon), I came across a relevant commentary in Education Week by Denis Doyle and William Slotnik titled "Leave No Parent Behind."

They highlight some underreported components of NCLB, specifically those intended to give parents actionable information on their childrens' education. From the commentary:

The No Child Left Behind Act holds school districts accountable for meeting high
standards of student achievement and engaging the parent community.
Specifically, it provides parents with unprecedented rights to gain access to
student and school performance data and teacher-quality information. Parents
also are given options to act when schools are underperforming. Simply put, the
educational law of the land provides new opportunities and responsibilities to
involve parents as rightful partners in school and district improvement.

Well worth reading - happy to have found it as I wrap up the Mathews book.


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