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Thursday, November 09, 2006

How will the election impact education?

A few days ago, I mentioned that Andy Rotherham (aka Eduwonk) didn't think the election would have much of an impact at all - that the big issues in education, like accountability, had transcended party lines. (His original post here.)

His is not the only opinion on the subject, of course. Alexander Russo thinks that Andy's wrong, and that when it comes down to it no one knows what the impact will be. Ryan Boots puts on an optimistic face and says that the Alliance for School Choice will roll with the punches. And some feel the change will be a positive one for public education.

When you're looking at policy changes, however, one thing everyone should keep in mind is that the unions would love to see significant changes to the law (AFT here, NEA here), and the unions were a major source of funding and volunteers in this most recent campaign. I don't know how far this will get them, but they'll certainly be more in the loop than they have been.


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