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Friday, January 16, 2009

Reading the tea leaves

Senate testimony is hardly a formal indicator of how things are going to play out in reality - but this is an interesting nod to community-based partnerships in Arne Duncan's opening statement during his confirmation hearing:

Education has been my life's work, starting on the South Side of Chicago where I grew up along with my sister and brother, as a part of my mother's inner city after-school tutoring program, Sue Duncan’s Children’s Center, where I learned to, as she says “cherish every child.” Her remarkable courage and dedication has been a constant source of inspiration to me. The Children’s Center is an example of the type of partnership needed to support the learning of every child – in this case though a partnership among parents, community volunteers, school staff, philanthropies, and a university. With different sets of partners, examples like this across the country, in urban districts and rural communities, have demonstrated that, given opportunity and support, every child can learn. As the President-elect has said, these kids are our kids, and their education is the responsibility of us all.

Will the Department of Education issue a call for community-school partnerships? It would be great to see...

Hat tip to the NC Forum's Friday Report


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