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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Building understanding through video

Saw this while looking at the Phatgnat blog - if you're not familiar with DK's company and blog, I'd encourage you to check them out. Anyway, Steven Spielberg has a movie coming out called Munich, about the Israeli athletes who were murdered at the 1972 Olympics. In an article in Time Magazine (article here), he talks about an initiative he's launching to build understanding between Israeli and Palestinian kids:

What I'm doing is buying 250 video cameras and players and dividing them up,
giving 125 of them to Palestinian children, 125 to Israeli kids, so they can
make movies about their own lives--not dramas, just little documentaries about
who they are and what they believe in, who their parents are, where they go to
school, what they had to eat, what movies they watch, what CDs they listen
to--and then exchange the videos. That's the kind of thing that can be
effective, I think, in simply making people understand that there aren't that
many differences that divide Israelis from Palestinians--not as human beings,

A very exciting idea - makes all kinds of sense.

(DK, I hope you don't mind me stealing the same quote you stole ;-) )


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