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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Six management fallacies for the future

David Batstone has a great post at Right Reality about the changing nature of the organization. He's come up with six fallacies that highlight the change from a command-and-control model to a network model. He lists the following fallacies:
  • Fallacy #1: Management must focus on the internal operations of the enterprise.
  • Fallacy #2: Geography defines the ecology of the enterprise
  • Fallacy #3: Technology drives business operations
  • Fallacy #4: Hire for specialized knowledge
  • Fallacy #5: Performance management is most effective when it rewards individual effort
  • Fallacy #6 Employees who demonstrate exceptional competency should be groomed as future leaders.
You'll need to visit his post to see the complete text, which includes his description of the "next reality" in each case - well worth reading. Also worth considering against the model and approach of contemporary education systems - I suspect there's a lot of truth here for anyone involved in formal schooling.


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