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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The early returns are in...

No, not in the presidential primaries - I'm talking about the impact of the economic downturn, led by the subprime mortgage crisis, on education budgets.

A few recent stories:
In the short term, the focus will be on belt-tightening; I've talked recently to school officials in Nevada and Florida who have seen budgets cut for travel, conferences, and other non-core activities.

The question will be, what happens after budgets are tightened?


  • My hope is school districts gut the central offices before they cut teachers. Why is this not done? Why are teachers the first to go when the budget tightens?

    Of course if the districts would use a budget crisis as an opportunity to remove ineffective teachers that would be different. Of course, that means they would have to move ineffective administrators who were great teachers back into the classroom. Hmmm...

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