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Monday, February 02, 2009

A fresh look at K-12 spending

Most of us have some sense of what our states are putting into K-12 education, but it's easy to miss the enormity of that contribution when you're looking at raw numbers. That's why I felt such a visceral jolt when I saw the following graphic in the Sunday edition of The Charlotte Observer:

K-12 spending makes up $7.8 billion of our annual $21.3 billion state budget - a budget that's now expected to see cuts of $2 billion. Looking at the graphic above, where do you think we'll see those cuts?


  • Brett -- And how effective are North Carolina's schools? Charlotte's have been declining over the years when they use to be very good. I bet there are tons of ineffective programs both in K-12 and higher ed that could easily be eliminated. I also bet there are plenty of ineffective and redundant positions that could be eliminated. This would hold true for education in any state.

    Yes, education should be hit hard with the cuts. Tennessee is trying to avoid cuts in its education spending. Yet, from a good business sense why is this not the time to do what I just suggested above? Why does everyone think education needs more spending. That is throwing good money after bad.

    By Blogger din819go, at 5:54 AM  

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