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Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're doing this for the kids, right?

I'm still on semi-hiaitus from blogging, but I had to come out of my hole to highlight this article in the New York Times:

Bill Would Bar Linking Class Test Scores to Tenure
Published: March 18, 2008

While the state was consumed by the downfall of Eliot Spitzer last week, the Assembly passed a bill that would pre-emptively bar New York City and other school districts from linking teacher tenure to students’ test scores.

Read the rest here.

There's not much more to say here, other than how appalling this is.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Conference brochure

If you'd like all the information on the Effective Education Partnerships Conference in one easy-to-read and easy-to-email place, you can download our new conference brochure here (PDF format). As always, you can still get to the conference website for more detailed information and to register online.

EdNews Interview

I haven't blogged much lately, but hopefully this interview counts for something...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


One of my New Years resolutions was to consistently blog at least twice per week. A quick look at the archives shows that it was a resolution quickly broken. (Not the only one, either - but certainly the most public.)

Sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. In my case it's been the realities of a move to a new office, absorbing new client projects and managing existing ones, launching a national conference, getting ready to sell a house, and coping with an almost nonstop string of family illnesses that started at the turn of the year (and if I never see another ear infection or case of strep it'll be too soon).

All this is to say that I haven't dropped the blog, and hope to be back soon. If you're interested in education reform and business/education partnerships, I hope you'll stay tuned. :-)

Education - off the radar

If the following is true (from a Boston Globe editorial), it's shocking:

IN THIS presidential primary season, the issue of education has been like Sherlock Holmes's dog that didn't bark. Education is so far off the radar screen that, in an Associated Press-Yahoo poll, it didn't even make the 18-item list when voters were asked, "How important is each of the following issues to you personally?"

Read the whole article for a thoughtful commentary on education reform.